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Agile and specialized action


Civil Law

From small to large customers, either individuals or legal entities, our team of attorneys serves in a contentious and strategic way in lawsuits related to civil liability; consumers; obligations to perform; collection issues; indemnity actions; executions; divorce; actions for review; and actions for annulment, among others.
Additionally, we provide counsel through all procedural stages, as well as in the negotiations necessary for reaching court and out-of-court settlements.  As a matter of fact, our conciliation center has stood out for the considerable reduction in our customers’ contingency.
BHC also provides preventive legal counsel aimed at obtaining the best conditions for our customers. We further thoroughly analyze portfolios of lawsuits in order to alert our customers about the main purpose of such lawsuits, thus consolidating internal preventive practice so as to reduce the number of new lawsuits.
Moreover, our services in administrative litigation entail legal representation and follow-up in administrative proceedings pending before Regulatory Agencies, Professional Boards, the Brazilian Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency, and the Brazilian Bureau of Consumer Protection (PROCON).



Our firm provides contract legal counsel, including support from the negotiation stage, including the preparation and analysis of any kind of agreements (civil and corporate), until their execution.  Additionally, in specific situations, and in defense of the interests of our customers, our firm provides support even during the execution of certain types of agreements, thus ensuring the compliance of the instrument that has been signed.
We also provide services related to counsel, advice and preparation of legal opinions on Contract Law, based on the technical qualification and expertise of our attorneys, through an interdisciplinary approach when defining the most suitable contractual strategies for our customers.


Real Estate

We participate in operations involving urban and rural real estate and collateral securities, such as sales and purchase agreements, contract work agreements, lease agreements, loan agreements, surface rights, usufruct, and exchanges and barters. 
We also provide counsel not only on the structuring of residential and non-residential projects, such as developments and condominiums, but also on the regularization of real estate with the respective authorities.


Succession/Wealth Planning

We provide counsel and legal support to families, companies, financial institutions and multi and single family offices.   As we have partnerships with top-tier firms outside Brazil, we offer organization and monitoring services for assets in Brazil and abroad. 
Our team proactively participates in the design of the most suitable solution available in Brazilian and foreign laws for the protection and preservation of assets, considering the personal and asset particularities of each family unit, thus addressing all needs related to tax, succession, corporate and real estate aspects.
Our services further entail investment funds.  We not only structure and follow up fund operations, monitor contractual and regulatory obligations and applicable provisions, but we also prepare and review all necessary documents.  


Regulatory Law

Legal and regulatory counsel.  We provide legal representation before trade associations, regulatory agencies, and supervisory bodies, among others, formulating consultations and preparing opinions and authorizations, defenses and appeals in administrative and judicial proceedings. We further analyze agreements and customers’ internal processes on regulatory aspects through the respective area of expertise.
With regards to our expertise, it is worth highlighting that we have a team of attorneys who have worked within regulatory agencies for years, which allows us to solve different regulatory issues as well as to represent our customers before the Brazilian National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS). 
Our expertise in the regulated health market has further allowed us to provide counsel to our customers on the implementation of healthcare protocols, resulting in hospital accreditation by the main healthcare accreditation organizations:  the Brazilian National Accreditation Organization (ONA) and The Joint Commission. Furthermore, we work along with trade associations and other supervisory bodies on issues related to ethical procedures, administrative inquiries and infraction notices.


Corporate Law & Merger and Acquisitions

We provide full counsel to our customers on the preparation and negotiation of routine corporate acts related both to limited liability companies and corporations, whether they are publicly-traded or private corporations, including the representation of shareholders in different kinds of meetings; on the incorporation of companies, shareholders’ agreement, corporate restructuring, including absorptions, mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, dissolutions and other usual operations, both in the acquisition and disposal of assets and businesses.  We further provide counsel on issues related to Corporate Governance, Private Equity and foreign capital involving records with the Brazilian Central Bank (BACEN).
We also provide counsel on operations entailing capital contributions - in the form of equity interests and investments (internal and external), structuring of investment funds and intermediation along with fiduciary agents.
Additionally, we provide legal services to companies in order to assess their internal controls from a legal point of view, preparing internal policies and procedures that apply to the day-to-day of the organization, including contract management policies and codes of ethics and conduct.  Our counsel services further cover the preparation of legal and non-legal opinions on agreements currently in force, as well as the assessment of the risk involved.
We also perform M&A operations in a thorough way, which includes support in negotiations, due diligence, and data-room organization procedures, and the preparation of audit reports and executive summaries.  Finally, we offer the best corporate and tax structure for each operation and prepare the appropriate contractual and corporate instruments until the business is closed.


Data Protection

Our services also cover legal counsel in order to carry out adaptation projects to the Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD), helping our customers to conduct their own projects so that their new products or services are designed in compliance with Privacy and Personal Data Protection, thus allowing for the creation of solid legal businesses that are in line with the LGPD and other laws applicable to the business activity performed by our customers.
BHC also works with DPO as a Service, which allows for the outsourcing of the Data Controller function, considerably reducing costs and, above all, adding the professionalism and technical knowledge indispensable to the position.


Labor Counsel

Our firm provides individual and collective labor and legal counsel, covering judicial and administrative proceedings and preventive counsel on the different legal aspects on the subject, and further analyzes and prepares employment contracts and/or related documents. 
We also assist our customers in agreements and collective bargaining with Unions. 


Tax Counsel

The office provides tax consulting services to its clients, in the analysis and preparation of opinions, implementation of strategies for the client's tax planning.


We assist the client in reviewing and analyzing tax procedures and documents, including IRPF, balance sheets, financial statements, as well as identifying potential risks and tax savings and acting in the administrative and judicial spheres. 

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